The increasing prevalence of bacterial resistance to antibiotics is a worldwide, critical public health concern and associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Despite the emergence of multi-drug resistant bacterial pathogens, the available antibiotic arsenal is dwindling with a sparse pipeline of drugs currently in pre-clinical and clinical development. Consequently, novel antibiotic discovery and development strategies are urgently required to combat such threats in consort with unique approaches aimed to accelerate compound development towards clinical testing and commercialization. 


In direct response to this unmet medical need, SuperTrans Medical is developing novel antibiotics through the use of its unique platform called the Guanidinium-Rich, Molecular Transporter (GR-MoTr) technology. Conjugation of the GR-MoTr technology to existing FDA-approved antibiotics, results in superior anti-microbial properties. These features are evidenced by significantly improved capabilities in eradicating biofilms and multi-drug resistant pathogens, including Gram-negative bacteria. The antibiotic-GR-MoTr "conjugate" permits improved docking of the molecule to the outer bacterial membrane, enabling effective breaching and delivery of cargo to target sites within the bacteria. SuperTrans Medical has already identified a number of candidates worthy of late stage development which target Gram-positive and Gram-negative pathogens, including 3rd-generation Cephalosporin and Carbapenem-resistant strains.  


SuperTrans Medical holds an exclusive, worldwide license for the GR-MoTr technology. This technology was discovered by internationally-acclaimed chemists Prof. Paul A Wender (Professor of Chemistry and by courtesy, of Chemical and Systems Biology Stanford Medical School, Stanford University) and Professor Lynette Cegelski (Professor of Chemistry, Stanford University).


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