About SuperTrans Medical

SuperTrans Medical Limited (STM) is a global biopharmaceutical company, focused on developing novel antibiotics to treat multi-drug resistant (MDR) bacterial infections. Founded in Israel, the Company’s lead compound and growing antibiotic pipeline have evolved based on a ground-breaking permeator technology coined the Guanidinium-Rich Molecular Transporter, which has been successfully adapted to antibiotics as well as many different drug cargoes.

The Company is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with a biotech R&D hub in Ness Ziona, Israel (next to the Weizmann Institute of Science), and ongoing development activities across the globe supported by first-class research organisations and institutions in Australia, China, UK and the US.


SuperTrans Medical is dedicated to developing novel therapies to successfully combat multi-drug resistant bacteria (superbugs) and hyporesponsive cancer cells, thereby reducing suffering and increasing life expectancy in previously irremediable patients.


To develop and commercialise antibiotics with superior anti-microbial properties for the treatment of complicated hospital-acquired infections caused by urgent threat pathogens. This will be achieved through the intelligent repurposing of existing FDA-approved medicines by conjugation with different structural formats of STM’s permeator technology.